Ranbat #3.1 & CdF #1

6/7th November weekend. So the Ranking Battles in Milan started again, this time with BlazBlue: CS in the mix with 3s and SSFIV. I didn't play it because I don't have the game at the moment but I'll join for sure in the future. Anyway, the turnout was promising, to say the least. Good job guys!
As for 3rd Strike, the situation was quite different, and we just had an 8 man tournament with too many people missing for one reason or another. I ended up getting second place again, against Fran's Yun as usual. Good thing 3rd and 4th place were taken by Valmaniac's and Stratos' Necro. Results here, btw.
Anyway, it was a good time as usual and we chilled there till night, before reaching CdF to get some sleep and be ready for the next day. It was the first meeting at CdF with ARCADE 3rd Strike setups. Well actually due to technical reason we ended up playing on just one versus city instead of 2 vsc + 1 normal cab setup, but there weren't many players so it worked out quite well. Actually... Arcade 3s is LOVE. I finally got used to play on cabs and on this lovely version of the game, and PS2 is just... Well, we're forced to play that so whatever. But the experience is totally different. The thing I like the most is that you have to stay focused. It's freeplay, but it isn't. You can't change your character, and you don't want to give up your turn. Plus, you usually don't get to see the reactions of your opponent. For me, the mix of these elements is enough to let me play so much better that I'd usually do on freeplay. In the morning I got a 22/3 win streak and I didn't have any tension at all, I was just having fun and playing really focused. In the afternoon nothing major, Fran provided some major beatings to everyone as you'd expect and that was cool too.

Next time hopefully there will be more setups, but it's worth it anyway. CdF is a bit outside Milan and that's really the only bad thing about it. Well the place is a bit small too, but it's full of awesomeness, so it's ok.

Pic from a hot (mmm... Well, entertaining for sure!) session between Val's Necro and Tony's Dudley:

On 11/12th December we'll have another weekend here, and next Ranbat will be in January. Guess I'll post again next month then!