AEX Ranbat Milan #3.4 + CdF session

I'm tired.

Nothing much to say about the ranbat, results were pretty much the same as usual with some minor drama here and there... Togo getting his revenge on... Kelly (no less!), me almost winning winners final against fran only to choke and die immediately and such. Whatever. The important thing probably is that I'm tired. I'm tired of the way italian players (especially the supposedly most dedicated, or stuff like that) treat the game. That's it. I feel personally touched by this because I gave everything I could for the game and even for them, and I'm not receiving anything back. What I want is plain and simple: have some competition to get 2nd in a ranbat. With more players on my stupid level or above even the other guys that now can't beat ME would improve much faster. Otherwise it's pretty useless, we might as well stop doing this monthly and just have random events every once in a while.

It's not about how many people enter a tournament (last turnout was better for 3s than SSF4), it's more about WHO enters.

Really, I understand every single situation (some better than other) but it's too much now, people take these things for granted or don't care enough. Oh, but OE is coming soon! That will get people back in the game again! How disturbingly hypocritical does that sound? To me, a lot.

Whatever, whatever. Anyway, I want Cooperation Cup 2 to happen, this year. This would lead me to talk about the subject of "how to drag the SF4 players to a tournament" but I won't even get started. I just want to say that I'd like a 3on3 3s tournament and about 30 players, but who knows what could happen. A 2on2 with about 20 players is way more realistic.

Anyway on sunday we went to CdF for some arcade action. The setup is now pretty sick, with 3 vs city or vs city-like cabs and a nice piece of forniture that is the original Game Sakura sign that fran bought. Nothing special happened, we could play a little bit with LEVA and that was cool, the BlazBlue guys played some 3rd Strike as well and that's pretty much it.

May = ranbat #3.5 and another CdF session.