3rd Strike italian Ranbat #3.2 and CdF #3

So let's get this year started. Resistance is futile but we do like futile things, so here we go, another 3rd Strike weekend in Italy. A couple of weeks ago we had ranbat on Saturday at Casa dei Giochi and freeplay day on Sunday at CdF, 3s only. Low turnouts, same results as ever (1 Fran, 2 myself 3 SpinalB), just a small danisen session to keep things going. I'll handle things from now on with a mundane list, because today I'm in that mood (actually it's just easier):
  • my Ken is getting a little bit better (4th Dan now, ehm), and that's cool. Sometimes things gets desperate with Chun, you need to have a backup plan. Like... Badly
  • italian 3s players are not dedicated and every few months it gets frustrating
  • during the ranbat some SFIV players came to us to try out the game, we'll have at least a new head next time... All good
  • Rushing Monkey is a beast (paid adv). No seriously, we played quite a lot of 3s and he should get back at it seriously. Like... Enter tourneys as well or come to CdF for a full "re-education" (more like brainwashing) session. He doesn't feel comfortable enough with the game now, he's just rusty
  • Jack is back! Maybe. Good to see him playing again. His urien is now 3rd Dan as well
  • I was able to see Nev, BR1, RAX, 1c0n and Goon as well during the weekend, as part of something similar to a small shooting games reunion... Well nothing special actually games-wise but it was good to see them again, it always is
Let me conclude saying that me, Fran, Valmaniac and Togo (ownz_u) are the heroes of this game. We're keeping it alive, that's it. There are many, many 3s players around Italy but they seriously need to think about how much they care about the game before it's too late. This includes everyone.

Slightly related note: 3rd OE is scary. Please don't fuck it up Capcom, no HD and no "rebalance" (LOL) or we're screwed. Seriously. Also, Arcana Heart 3 is sick. Too good to be true. I don't have the game but I play a rather silly Luck Eko when I can at Mitsu's.

Jack is back, and he's after you. "This burrien is anblogaboooooool!!1"