3s Italian ranbat #3.3, CdF and ARCANA

I don't even remember when it was, I just remember that fran won the ranbat, Mitsu with Urien got 2nd, and the fabulous RushingMonkey got 3rd place. LUN? 4th. Lost to fran and Mitsu. I won't indulge on any consideration about that. It was a bad 3s day.

CdF on the following sunday was awesome. Mitsu's first time, LEVA, val, togo, fenrir, lalbelcd and the usual suspects were there. We held the first and only LUN's cup in honor to my recent graduation (ah, it happened the day before the ranbat, so the ranbat was on the 19th, good to know). Of course I was the mastermind behind it, but don't tell anyone. It was single elim, one match format, random seeding. I mean, total random seeding. We should do this more often because no one was really prepared to it, and the tension took its toll. LEVA won, fran 2nd, LUN 3rd, TOGO 4TH! Way to go, toghella-san :/

Speaking about my graduation, I've got a job too. It was about time, I know... Whatever, I'll be working in Padova in a few days, and I'm already living in Mestre with Fenrir and other students. Good thing is: I get to play Arcana Heart 3 everyday with Fenrir. Yeah we'll play 3s too but Arcana is just this awesome. We you get the arcana fever you don't think about anything else, you don't sleep, you don't eat, you just want to try out that new arcana on Eko. No, I'm kidding. I don't even have the game, lol. But you get it, it's a damn good game. It's the GGXXAC of anime fighting games, the system is brilliant and mature, it's complex and deep... But never too hard, and the general design never fails to amaze... It's a good game (TM).

Last but not least, PANCA-time: RushingMonkey is a good-mannered and clever guy, and he's also so handsome that fighting game girls ask for his pictures all the time (girls, you can find some on AEX -> galleries, you know). With this kind of credentials, why should't he play more 3rd Strike? I don't know, go ask him. I did my part by saying that he's still a fantastic 3s player. Oh no, I didn't! But yeah, he is. It's good to get out of the jungle for a while, you know.