AEX Ranbat Milano #2.4 & Inferno Cyber League

Took me like a week to finally sit down and write this, but whatever. Last weekend, Ranbat #2.4 and ICL SFIV tournament took place in Milan. 2 days of gaming that attracted players from everywhere in north Italy (Milan, Turin, Trieste, Veneto etc., everyone was chill as hell), Rome (these guys are on fire), Slovenia (Kekken & Champ too good as usual), Naples (Jinbe and Manlio = top tiers IRL) and even Spain! It was nice to meet RickyTTT (SVB 2009 champion), Kenichi and Amano. He's living in Padova at the moment, so we plan to play together again soon, and that's a cool bonus.
So, who won in SFIV? Italy or Spain? And who cares?
For full results check AEX in a few days, but well... Saturday Ricky (Sagat) won the ranbat. But the fight against Mitsu (Rufus) was close. Sunday we all went to Monza at the local Lan Point, where Beta and the Inferno esports team organized a pretty sweet event. We helped with the rules and ran the thing (it was a very demanding task, ~70 players attended and there were a few minor issues, but it went down quite well), so we did our job as well. Ricky this time wasn't abel to confirm his invincibility, and top3 was like: Shirl (Gouki, Rome), Sean (Viper, Rome), Champion (Gouki, Slovenia). There were a few upsets during the tournament but eventually it was nice to see Shirl take his revenge (even though indirectly) on Ricky! I got in top 32 and it was the right place for me, top16 was all made of dedicated players... And fran, who hates the game but is good enough and uses Rufus.

Anyway, let's talk about serious business. This time (well, Saturday at the ranbat) 3rd Strike was big enough with 21 players, or something along that line. Unfortunately I hit the 5th place wall again. Now that it's single elim, I can't get to the semis, last year with double elim I got there almost everytime. What's wrong with me? Part of the reason is the stress of running events (doubled this year with SFIV), it's an excuse but it really hurts my play. Also, talking with some other "new generation" (lol) player we realized that we just lack consistency and we should be able to always hit that minimum of performance that we must expect from us. No matter what. Anyway, I really believe that all this time isn't wasted. We have some players in Milan that can do well, we just need the years. We started last year to have regular tournaments so it's like we are in our 2003 or something. Plus, the situation isn't exactly easy, so props to us anyway.
Sunday night I had a nice private freeplay session with EXG too. Let's keep it up, it's all I have to say! And just to reinforce my statement, I quit SFIV once and for all, lol. I never want to waste my time again playing this game in tournaments. I don't like it, I don't like my useless character (but that's my fault, lol) and I never practice it anyway, so it's all good. More energy for 3rd Strike.

Next weekend in Milan will be in November, and maybe I'll travel to Slovenia as well for one of their awesome tournaments. Stay tuned for other news from AEX as well...

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