Tougeki 2010 results and some news from italian 3s

Just a couple of lazy updates. Fist of all: Tougeki. This year's tournament was sized down but not less exciting, and that said, I'll just copy/paste the results from here:


You can find videos of the top4 easily on YouTube, but the recording of the whole live streaming of Tougeki's 2nd day is here. You get to see... Well, the top4 and a little bit of Koshun's beasting in first round, iirc. It suck but looks like there's not going to be a DVD out this year, or at least I haven't heard of it. It's really that bad if true, we'd miss out a lot.
I won't say anything more on this subject because I discussed it to death on AEX and it'd be way too long, lol. Anyway, they put on a show (especially Kuroda acting like his usual self, Kokujin once again on fire and... Rikimaru as a "guest", lol) and I'm really glad about the results.

Anyway, let's go back to Italy for a second (damn... Actually a little more than that). Two great news you didn't wanna hear, but you're going to hear anyway: on november 6th we're going to have AEX Ranbat Milan #3.1, with 3rd Strike, Super Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue CS, and the following day... It'll be the first day at Casa del Ficcaggio (pics inside). No, don't waste time to translate it. Anyway, what am I talking about? It's just the place, owned by CPSteve, were we went sometimes to play 3s on a Versus city. Only it was actually PS2 version. But now Steve arranged the room like this:
  • 1 VS City with arcade 3rd Strike
  • 1 VS City like setup (2 linked cabs) with arcade 3rd Strike
  • 1 normal cab (1 cab for 2 players) with... Arcade 3rd Strike again
  • n normal cabs (I think 3) for other dead games like Guilty, IIX and such... Oh, arcade versions of course

Yeah... No SFIV at CdF. So, the basic idea is to have sessions (freeplay and quick random tournaments) there next to other events, like ranbats and other stuff, so we can add value to any trip to Milan.
So yeah... Feels like we have something like an arcade now, lol. Too bad it's actually outside Milan and it'll be only about once per month, so no, we're not going to improve dramatically as a scene, but it sure feels great.

And last but not least... At the last Videogames History in Monza (you now, the first post of this blog is all about the 2009 edition) early this month we actually tried out the dan'isen system. I think it needs some work to be perfect but it might work, we'll try that again for sure. Maybe during ranbats, maybe at CdF... Depends on many things. We're still in beta phase, lol.
Meaningless first results shows LEVA at 5th dan (Ken), Mitsu at 4th (Ibuki), me (Chun) and Fran (Yun) at 3rd and about 10/12 other people behind. We'll see how this turns out, hopefully it's going to be a lot of fun... If people understands it.

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