CdF #2

Some 2 weekends ago we had the second "big" meeting at CdF. As you might know, this is the only place where we can play arcade 3rd Strike in Italy. It's a private house and it's outside Milan, but the setup is well worth the trip. Also worth noting that the owner of the place, Steve, is now in Japan and will be there possibly forever, lol. We'll be able to play there again anyway though, so it's cool.

This time we had 3 fully working 3s setups (2 vs city, 1 normal), Blazblue CS and even Guilty Gear AC... Don't get all excited though, only 1 GG head showed up. We're far from having a scene for that here but whatever. Fenrir, the GG guy, ended up playing Elena in 3s so it's all good!
He wasn't the only new player this time. lalbeldc experienced the offline environment for the first time and really enjoyed it, while showing off a solid Oro. Goon went all out and for 2 days he kept playing at a very basic level just to get the hang of the game... Hopefully he'll come back for more. Jeel (BB player) and other guys played as well. Valmaniac (NE) and Togo (Q) were there as usual, doing well most of the time. Togo really stepped up his game this time! I've seen proper Q combos and patient play from him, and that's cool.

About me... I'm pretty satisfied, I didn't really lose matches I shouldn't have and I did better than usual against Fran. Still, Yun is my nightmare, not a news here. I've got a good amount of games with LEVA as well, and it's something I needed quite badly. Had a lot of fun playing him.
I feel like I'm completely comfortable to play on cabs now. When I come back to play on PS2 with the stick on my knees, well, I feel I can't really do my best now. I know, it's an excuse (it really is, especially playing Chun), but still the feeling remains. Whatever, one of the best things of a VS setup is WIN STREAKS. I love that shit. On PS2 with my opponent on my side always complaining about how harsh life is if you don't play Chun, I really don't bother much about freeplay and I actually lose a lot, using different characters. On the cab there's no way I can give up a streak easily. I had several short ones and a 54 wins one which was lovely, lol. Fran wasn't there though, and when he arrived he ended it but like on his 3rd/4th attempt. You just get the rythm when you're there. Lovely.

On sunday (this time we spent 2 days there, no ranbat on Saturday due to another of our SSFIV events happening in Milan) we had a dan'isen session too. No details on this until we can show a decent looking ranking, but things are working, in my opinion. Also, it's much easier to run this thing on cabs, with no stick switching and such. Several people had fun so I guess it's cool, even though there was as usual one single negative feedback that bothers me... Nothing much we can do I guess. We have to keep trying it, somehow, if we want to make it something solid.
If you ask me, I think this dan'isen thing has the potential to hype things up in a while. SSFIV heads are trying it as well. They follow the lead as usual, lol.

Togo's unstoppable Q desperately trying to find a way to lose this match. Think fast! You have a lead and time is running out~

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