Tougeki DVD + Haruno Anno's magic

So, Tougeki DVD is finally in my hands. The wait was long, let me just say this and don't go any further. Whatever. It had some awesome matches, and we watched them on Mitsu's projector, which was indeed the best way to do so.
Too bad that the DVD itself was poorer than the other years, that's a big shame. Too many big names are missing this way, so Enterbrain plz change your mind for next year. Yeah, that and put 3rd Strike in the competition again.

One interesting thing I found in the Arcadia Magazine that came with the DVD (uhm, should be the opposite) was not Daigo's column, not the frame datas for VF5, not the 600 pages for Lord of Vermilion and not the fan art pages either. It was this:

Haruno Anno's column. This time she interviews the girl that got top4 in this year's Tougeki (Arcana Heart 2). It was cool enough to post it like this, out of the blue. I know you agree.

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