AEX Ranbat Milano #2.7

So... The 24th of this month (first time on Sunday!) we had our ranbat 7 out of 8. Ahbi from UK (and shoryuken.com) was in town so he visited us and played a little bit, and also Tonda came to take very good pictures. Very good to see some new faces!
And guess what? RushingMonkey (Cammy) got second place securing the season's victory in SFIV. He won 3s last year so that's 2 in a row in 2 different games! BlackHole85 (Ryu) won this tournament and it's a first time, so good job. Now on our stuff...
It was a one day trip for me and mitsu, so very stressful. Anyway, I was moderately optimistic because I was playing fine the day before, and actually my game was really OK even after the day of the ranbat, but on that day, well... Ugh. My mind was just empty all day, and Chun can get really predictable and useless when you're like that. I got 5th place anyway, knocked out by mitsu's Ibuki. He played Ibuki all the day and did great, getting 3rd. Good shit! I also have to add that even though I'm not happy about how I played, the top4 players are better then me anyway. LEVA won as usual (but using Urien!), fran (Yun) reached the final after an extremely close match against Fugo (Urien) that later on lost to mitsu for the 3rd place. Judging by the level of top4, it was one of the best 3s tournaments in Italy in a lot of time, so that's positive. The turnout was ok too. Vids and full results will arrive soon, check AEX if you're vaguely interested!
Next... Oh well, later this month this season will end. It was long and difficult in many ways, but sure it was a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to confirm my general 3s second place, but that doesn't matter much. I'm not so happy about this season because at least a couple of times I could have done way better, even though my first second place was not bad at all. But more importantly, we have to start thinking about season 3. There will be Super Street Fighter IV for sure, and I'd say BlazBlue too. 3s will last forever, obviously. But in orderd to be able to do everything, we need some serious reorganization and some kind of fund raising as well. We'll sort things out, I'm sure. Things are happening in Milan, Rushing is trying to have regular meetings for local players, so hopefully more people will support the tournament scene as well in the next months. There might be some other good news, but that's it for the moment, I guess!

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